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It is very important for you to review the Attendance procedures below.  Please review with your child as well.  Thank you for your cooperation.  



Regular attendance in school and classes is imperative for success in high school.  Students who are frequently or excessively absent from school may not meet the minimum course requirements necessary to receive credit in a course.




· Return from absence notes:  A written note from the parent/guardian is required when a student returns from an absence.  The note must include the following: a) student name, b) date(s) of absence, c) reason for the absence, d) parent signature,   e) work/home phone or cell numbers.  Please reference
AACPS Attendance Policy and Regulation for lawful reasons for absences.

· You may choose to write your own note or use this template form to serve as your absence note. 

                      The note is given to the student’s first period teacher, who will turn in a “Return from Absence

                      form with the appropriate code with their attendance.  Legally absent student will be allotted at least the same number of days equal to the number of days absent for that class to make-up work.

                      Teachers check the electronic Daily Attendance Bulletin for absence codes.

                      The note must be submitted within three (3) days of the student’s return to school. 

An absent note brought later than the third day must be brought to the student’s alpha administrator or if no absent note is submitted, the absence is coded unexcused and make-up work is given to student, but credit for make-up work is based on teacher discretion. 

                      The forging of signatures or notes may result in suspension from school.

                      A doctor’s note is required for illness in excess of five (5) consecutive school days.

                      It is the student’s responsibility to arrange for make-up work with his/her individual teachers.


Planned/Scheduled Extended Absence or Special Circumstances


Please note, regardless of cause(s), a student who is absent six (6) or more days a semester IS EXCESSIVELY ABSENT.  Students who are excessively absent may not meet the requirements for earning credit. The Principal and teacher(s) concerned will review attendance cases and will determine whether or not a passing grade may be given and credit awarded for the subject(s) in question.

For a Planned/Scheduled Extended Absence during the school year (not to include semester exams) a student must do the following:

1.       Schedule an appointment at least five (5) school days in advance of the absence with their alpha Assistant Principal to review the case—reason for extended absence, current grades, current attendance and time frame of extended absence.

2.       Obtain teachers’ signatures/comments on the form below.

3.       Return completed form to their alpha Assistant Principal for final review (approval or denial) at least one (1) school day in advance of the first day of the absence.


Late Arrival to School

· If a student arrives late to school after 7:17 a.m., they MUST report to the Attendance Window.  The student will be issued a pass to class by Attendance personnel.


Early Dismissal

· If student needs an early dismissal, they are to present a note from a parent or guardian at the Attendance Window prior to their 1st period class (first thing in the morning, Attendance Window opens at 7 a.m.).


·  The note must include the date and time for dismissal, the reason(s), student legal name, and a phone number where a parent or guardian can be reached to confirm the note.  Student will receive a coded pass to present to their teacher at the time of dismissal.  At the early dismissal time, student MUST report back to the Attendance Window with the coded pass to sign out.  Any absence from class as a result of early dismissal is counted as an absence.



· If a student receives an early dismissal through the Health Room, a pass will be issued by the Health Room Aide or Nurse.   If a student has alternative transportation, i.e. self-driving, walking, bicycle, etc., the Health Room will refer the student to an administrator for approval and early dismissal.  Students are not permitted to text or call parents on their own for an early dismissal due to illness.  Students who are ill MUST be seen and dismissed through the Health Room.


· Students taking part in any extra-curricular programs (athletics, band, dance, drama, etc.) MUST be in attendance the FULL day of school to be eligible to participate in the practice, game, performance or activity.  Exceptions must be approved in advance by Mr. Smith, Assistant Principal in-charge of Athletics.


Partial Schedule Seniors

· If a student has a partial schedule (remember, only seniors can have a partial schedule and there are no late arrival partial schedules), they will be responsible for their own transportation from school and must leave campus immediately following their last scheduled class.





Have a wonderful, safe summer!

What's Going on at SPHS?

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Have a wonderful, safe summer!

What's Going on at SPHS?

of the school newspaper.


















Purchase a SPHS Yearbook Today


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